Derek Chan

Hi everyone,

A big thanks goes out to SoulSolutions (John O Brien) who helped post up my articles and filled in on those empty months when we had dozens of forums posts and nobody answering except mostly the two of us. Hoping to see you at the next MVP summit John.

Also thanks goes out to you the posters for catching a great deal of Virtual Earth bugs and also providing the primers for the VE articles I wrote.

Finally, thank you Microsoft for giving me the privilege of receiving this MVP award!

Re: I've been awarded VE MVP


Congratulations Derek!

No need to thank me, I sure everybody here thanks you for your hundreds of quality answers and your highly useful articles. I will most certainly see you at the summit in April.

The benifits of the award will help you have more contacts and resources to do more for the community.

Well done and I look forward to seeing more of your awesome work in the future.


Re: I've been awarded VE MVP


Congratulations Derek its great to see your hardwork recognised by MSFT keep up the great work and articles!

Brian Norman

Re: I've been awarded VE MVP


Congratulations Derek! You and John (and Earthware and the rest of the VE community) were all of tremendous help while I was working on my last project (VE in realty).

Just wanted to throw my thanks in for all your help. I've moved on from my last job now and probably won't have a chance to do any VE work for awhile, but maybe I'll be able to shill... er contract my hard-earned VE skills in the future if things haven't totally changed again Smile

Thanks again guys.

Re: I've been awarded VE MVP


Good to hear from you again Harvester. If your keen to do some more work with VE in the future give me yell. Hate to loose another VE dev!

John at