I've developed a little Winforms desktop application written in C# that shows the location of some assets of the company using Virtual Earth maps. I dynamically generate in user's temp directory, a very simple HTML page with the needed javascript and I navigate to this HTML page through WebBrowser control of the .NET Framework.

As I previously said, it's just a simple desktop application for showing maps; it's neither a public nor non-public website.

I would really appreciate any info regarding my particular case against VE maps terms of use. Would be nice if somebody from Microsoft definitively tells me I can continue developing (and even selling) this kind of applications without worrying about terms of use.

Thanks very much in advance.

Re: Desktop application using VE maps and ambiguous terms of use


I echo your questions. Is it possible to use the VE service(s) in a winforms application

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Well it is possible to use it but it is completly non supported. Its a pity as there are some amazing intergration possibilities. I'm surprised we havn't seen something by now. Commerical applications, your going to have to talk to VE licensing and likely take the risk inside winforms. Other companies have licensed just the data services and fully built there own controls (IDV flash control).

Since I mentioned one here is the list of things I'd like to see brought to the VE platform:

  • Winforms / WPF Virtual Earth
  • Silverlight Virtual Earth (smooth zooming, 2.0 .net code performance over javascript)
  • ASP.NET Server Control
  • Mobile control API
  • Addtional Functional controls, like drawing / scratchpad, business listings
  • API for creating detialed 3D Tours

I think I should blog more Wink