I want to make a winks installer program

i need all the info about winks (files format ,paths , registry...etc)

all the required info to develop a winks and install it

thx all

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Sorry currently Winks creation is limited to our Partner companies

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Hello Jbaker,

I wanted to find out where can I find information and direction on how to create a wink and then an installer to install it. I am a developer.

Next question is, do the company still have to be a partner and what is the process to become a problem.

Lastly, if the company is not quailified to become a partner how can they get there new winks approve to be install and by what company.

Could you please response to my email: I need an answer ASAP

Please, advice. Thank you.

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Hi James,

Im from Brazil and work at Asteria (IT company solutions). A product manager from Microsoft Brazil is asking us to develop a winks installer. We showed him your previous post and he suggest to contact you.

Could you explain what kind of partner my company has to be in order to get some especial information on creating a winks installer Is MSPP enough

If you prefer, you can write this to our private e-mail ( or I'd rather not write our company e-mails to avoid spam.

Thanks a lot.

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In order to create winks would need create a wink cabinet file and then create base64 encoded PCKS7 signature using a certificate issued by the Microsoft Content Authority.

For a detailed explaination of the Messenger content system, refer to it's patent. type=description

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Sorry You should be sorry. That is a facisist attitude. What a shame!

But, that just creates the opportunity for clever individuals to create their own messenger application that does allow for custom content.

Remember J:

Read/Write, Custom Content, Open Standards = Today and the future

"Limited to our Partner companies", facisit nazi = Outdated and forgotten

Well, now is my turn to appoligize for being so blatant. I am really not hot-headed about this issue, in fact, I am smiling as I type. However, you and your partners need a proverbial kick in the head, so here it goes.