Hey guys,

I am plotting a series of around 10 pushpins onto a standard VE4 map. The one customization that I currently have is using my own popup div for the Pushpin details (VEPushpin.OnMouseOverCallback = fnDisplayDetails;). I have adjusted everything to use a SHIM in 3D mode and it displays as it should.

However the issue I am running into is when I enter 3D mode all the pins are placed as they should, but if I move my mouse around in an area with no pushpins I sometimes receive the popup details for one of the other pushpins on the map. From what I can tell there seems to be an entire additional set of invisible pushpins during 3D mode. This is troublesome as I now have random POPUPS happening. My custom POPUP div is only made visible upon a OnMouseOverCallback event on a pushpin.

Any help your can give me would be great!


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Just wanted to add some additional information.

I have completely scaled the project down (for testing purposes) and only have a standard VE setup left as shown (entire page shown at end of post). I am at the point of believing this must be a bug on the VE side. I have posted some example images and an example of this code at the following address:

Thanks again!




<script type="text/jscript" src=""></script>

<script type="text/jscript">

function OnPageLoad()


var map = new VEMap('mapContainer');


map.AddPushpin(new VEPushpin(1, new VELatLong(43.670457, -79.386555), null, 'Current Location1', ' '));

map.AddPushpin(new VEPushpin(2, new VELatLong(43.4578, -79.34565), null, 'Current Location2', ' '));

map.AddPushpin(new VEPushpin(3, new VELatLong(43.7895, -79.3855), null, 'Current Location3', ' '));

map.AddPushpin(new VEPushpin(4, new VELatLong(43.64568, -79.4444), null, 'Current Location4', ' '));

map.AddPushpin(new VEPushpin(5, new VELatLong(43.64565, -79.4868), null, 'Current Location5', ' '));




<body onload="OnPageLoad()">

<div id="mapContainer" style="position:relative; width:480px; height:460px;"></div>



Re: 3D Mode contains duplicate Pushpins


I can confirm that i see the bug also and there is nothing obv wrong in your code.

I have been asking for better way to communicate bugs like this back to the VE team in a way that you can track them but currently I beleive the only communication option you have is a feedback link at the bottom of: app=virtual_earth


Re: 3D Mode contains duplicate Pushpins


We are going to release a new version of Virtual Earth 3D. This problem should go away in the new version.

Re: 3D Mode contains duplicate Pushpins


You don't have a list of things that you have fixed and an approximate release date / month

I'm sure that would be very useful for developers.