This is a bit irritating but it seems that online video chats haven't really advanced in the past few years. Even though me and my brother are both in NYC, both on a 5MB download, 1MB Upload unbelievably fast Cable internet connection, Video chat still looks the way it did 3 years ago when we were on a 512kbps dsl, and not THAT different then it did when we were on 33,600 dial up modem.


Why can't we get proper high resolution video streaming off each other at 640x480 and 24fps
Or even higher for gods sake, my dual core machine with 4GB of ram could handle this!

Is there any way to up the quality of video chat in Messenger
Or is there any other program that specializes in this I tried skype but the quality is the same..

Re: HIGH QUALITY VIDEO on Messenger Live


It's perhap a false impression but it seems to me that with V92 Modem and netmeeting , quality was better than messenger and DSL.