I have made a small drawing application with VE version5. But now I run in the problem that I want to change the cursor during the drawing to a crosshair.

I know how to do this in v4 but that doesn't work in v5.

Does anybody know

Re: changing cursor in V5


a quick and somewhat dirty answer. Adding this to the css means when over the map a crosshair is shown.


cursor:crosshair !important;


You could change this dymanically from javascript whenever you want but it will only work in newer browsers that support the !important override. VE must be changing the cursor somewhere but I could not find where to override it.

Hope this is enough for you to work with

Brian Norman


Re: changing cursor in V5


Thanks Brian,

With you help i found it. This thrick how to change the cursor to crosshair.

Code Snippet
"xxx").style.cursor = "crosshair";

Where xxx is your map id. To change back use.

Code Snippet
document.getElementById("xxx").style.cursor = "";