We want to develop a real estate portal using Virtual Earth because of the Pictometry (bird eye view) technology that we are excited about. This would be for Spain. I know that there are picture taken by Blom in Pictometry for many areas in Spain, but they doní»t show in Virtual Earth. Can I do something to push this picture to be deployed in Virtual earth thank you.

Re: Pictometri pictures for Spain not loaded

Derek Chan

The main push for birds eye has been in the US and select locations within Europe. Although there's no official list I do see some locations for birds eye in spain. Here are some locations I've noticed:

  • Avilla, Burgos, Gijon, Lugo, Ourense, Salmanca, Segovia, Vigo, Ponferrada, Zamora, PALE, Cuidad, Pontevedra, Santander, Girona, Torrelavega, Valladolid, Castellon de la Plana, Elda, Fuengirola, Granada, Mijas, Murcia, Velez
    Taken from this link:

    There really isn't way to control which areas get updated as its in the hands of 3rd party vendors and if you take a look at the following link it'll explain the process of updating birds eye imagery:
    http://virtualearth.spaces.live.com/ _c11_BlogPart_BlogPart=blogview&_c=BlogPart&partqs=amonth%3d4%26ayear%3d2007

    Look for topic "Interesting Look at How Virtual Earth's Birds Eye Imagery is Captured"

    Hope that helps,