Alfred Myers - MVP


IĄ¯d like to know the options for sending (Windows Live) Alerts.

A quick look around IĄ¯ve found:

Are the last two still supported

Thanks in advance

Re: Options for sending (Windows Live) Alerts

Todd Biggs - Windows Live

Hello, if your content is not RSS based it sounds like what you need is the new SDK for the Windows Live Alerts platform. If it is RSS based but you have multiple feeds, we can accomodate that through the page, you simply start with one feed and then e-mail a request to have additional feeds added to

We're about to release the updated Windows Live Alerts SDK MSDN and Please feel free to contact me with questions, to get the SDK information or to confirm that your model would be supported.

Yes, both the MSN Alerts SDK and much older v6.0 SDK's are no longer supported.

Todd Biggs, Windows Live
e: toddb at microsoft

Re: Options for sending (Windows Live) Alerts

Alfred Myers

Hi Todd,

Thanks for your reply.
I really think that the Windows Live Alerts SDK would be more appropriate for our scenario:
A web site where web site visitors send messages to web site users. Today these messages are turned into e-mail and optionally cell phone SMS messages.
Our plan is to incorporate Windows Live Alerts into the mix.
RSS would not fit well since the messages are to be read only by the web site user and his delegates.
When will Windows Live Alerts SDK be available Is there a beta program in course

Re: Options for sending (Windows Live) Alerts

Nathan Wynne

Any news on when this SDK will be released

Re: Options for sending (Windows Live) Alerts

Alfred Myers

Hi Nathan,

You can find the SDK at