Maybe I'm missing something here but it seems like it would be really useful to have outputs on the Virtual Earth block so other blocks can consume the latitude/longitude of the current view.

Right now I have a UserInput block that goes to Yahoo Traffic which goes to Virtual Earth.

The user has to type in their address (or zip code) which Yahoo Traffic consumes and displays in Virtual Earth.

It would be more intuitive for the user to just zoom to the location they want traffic for and have it show up. Or have a button to press which captures the lat/long of the current view and passes that to Yahoo Traffic which then displays back in Virtual Earth.

Am I missing something obvious I know this is alpha and so its not going to have all the features, but that is one I would like.

Re: Virtual Earth Output

Tim Rice MSFT

You are missing anything obvious - the virtualearth block doesn't output any data. This is a great suggestion, I'll add it to the list.

Re: Virtual Earth Output


I think Tim means you aren't missing anything oblivious ;-).

And they say my spelling is bad :-P