Beau Claar

Simply using flickr and SlideShow

flickr settings:

Operation: getGeoTaggedNames

text: ronan, montana

number: 15

SlideShow settings:

Operation: addImage

url: url from flickr

title: title from flickr


1. Added flickr control

2. Added SlideShow control

3. Connected flickr to SlideShow

4. Changed flickr to getPhotos (previewed successfully)

5. Switched flickr back to getGeoTaggedNames

6. Preview generates below error.

Silverlight error message
ErrorCode: 220
ErrorType: RuntimeError
MethodName: slideImage

I know how to fix to correct my problem (changing webservice used from flickr) but figured you didn't want this error message popping up...if

Re: Error...Flickr/Slideshow

johnmont [msft]

When I run Flickr alone with a geotagged photo search (there is no "getgeotaggednames" method on the Flickr block) for ronan, montana I get no results. Granted, Slideshow shouldn't be erroring out when it gets no results and we'll fix that, but are there geotagged photos for ronan montana