If I want to find a qualified AJAX developer to work on the VE portion of a web application, can anyone recommend a good resources for finding talented developers

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Currently Im not aware of any "list of developers" but I know John @ Soulsolutions is thinking of adding this to the new version of site when its done.

I guess your best resource at the moment is seeing who posts the most answers on these forums I know there are a good few of us developers helping out here.

If you project is on a timeframe of 1st Quarter next year we may be able to help at, just drop me a line if you would like to have a chat.

Brian Norman

Technical Director

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Wow we now get little stars next to our names here....mmm how do I get more

Ah yes, common request. I am planning a profile page for all VE developers, its a few weeks off. Also thought it would be niceto be able to see us on a VE map

We are running into similar issues with our dev team Brian, this year is pretty full.

The old site has a forum where you can post:

I know a lot of people subscribe to it.


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U need more stars as well as the mvp sig! Greedy boy ;-)