part of this could just be my misunderstanding of their use but it seems as though the system is architected to create single-use mashups. I wonder if it would be possible to have mashups with parameters so you could set those parameters as part of your web design in creator. So let's say I have multiple albums in Flickr and I want a page in my website for each of them. Wouldn't it be nice when doing "insert mashup" to be able to specify the name of the album and just reuse that one mashup I created for Flickr slideshows, or whatever Otherwise, I have to create a seperate mashup for each album that I want to display. Make sense


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Aaron Brethorst MSFT

Yes, it makes perfect sense. We are hoping to do just this sometime in the near future. Thanks for adding your vote for this feature!


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I agree with parameters for mashups. I was going to create my first block, a QueryStringParser which when given the querystring parameter name it would return the associated value. I thought this could be useful as consumers could easily customize mashups based on these values, however adding a querystring parameter to the url (e.g. ../x.small color=blue) generated a page not found. Don't you think that it may be important to have that option of passing values via the querystring or are there other options available

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With the next release mashups will have the option to use query parameters at run time, that is they are best suited when embedded in a page you own, say your blog, where you can set the parameters. However the option won't be available at preview time. For example i could embed a mashup as:
Code Snippet

<iframe src="http://www.popfly.ms/Users/Andy/MyMashup.small test=foo" />

Which would mean the mashup, using the user input block, will have access to the variable test with a value of "foo". However when building the mashup you would have to use user input with a textbox to simulate the parameter.

Would this help you out

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Gert Van Waelvelde


"With the next release", when could that be I'd just like to know ;-)


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Thanks for the reply. Thats good news that it will be available in the next release. As for not having to the querystring values while building the mashup i imagined as much not sure how to deal with that as yet. Was thinking to just provide a different method for the user to enter a test value or i could use a textbox as you suggested.

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Hi !

Can i use JavaScript to get a URL from de navegator I try use parent.documento.location.Href but de popfly say me that this proprety e disable... its is possible I need know how I can get the page my machup is been geted...

can u help me