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It's time to annouce the winners for the Robot Invaders contest.

The contest ran from May 15th to September 15th and in the end 53 Messenger bots were accepted as valid entries in the contest (per the how to compete guidelines). Each entry to the contest was judge by three judges separately using the Judging Criteria outlined on the How to Compete page and then the judges scores were averaged.

There were a lot of great robot's submitted but here's the winners:

Title Prize
LiveBot Grand
Mother Nature 1st
Spleak 2nd
Mobile Record bot 2nd
Virtual Secretary 2nd
Dr Phile Knowledge 2nd
Comtec Travel Bot 2nd
Search Bunny 3rd
Live Recipe Bot (Food processor) 3rd
InvestWiser 3rd
Gwaam Bot 3rd
Perfect Boyfriend Bot 3rd
Project management Consultant 3rd
World of Alice 3rd
InsideMessenger 3rd
EncourageBot v1.0 3rd

Please note that this list of winners is pending the winners being notified in writing and verifying in writing that they want to accept their prize. So for example, if the creator of the LiveBot decided not to accept the Grand Prize, then everyone on the list would move up in the ranking based on their winning entries score from the judges and a new entry would be added into the 3rd prize category. In the event somebody elects not to accept their prize, we'll notify everyone of the changes in prize rankings. Please note if you submitted more than 1 entry in the contest, your highest scoring entry was used to determine prize eligibility.


Todd Biggs
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Re: Robot Invaders Contest Winners


Congratulations to all the winners!

I was just wondering, is Spleak made with one of the provided SDKs Because I thought that Spleak already long excisted before the contest and before the SDKs were available The contest rules state that one of the provided SDKs has to be used.

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Congratulations to the winners!

Can you also post which was the SDK used for each bot of the list

I used Akonix to make my bot but couldn't get improvecenter to host my bot correctly, I want to know if any of the winner bots was done with that SDK. I hosted a bot with a different IM Address with just the same code and it worked fine, but I couldn't host the one submitted to the contest. You can try it using (when my computer is online) that works fine. It's the same as msngamerobot, a robot that plays games and where you can register and search for other players in a map, ...


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Congrats to the other winners, live bot is a deserved winner imo, scored a lot on the usefullness side I bet.

I used the incesoft sdk, hosted the bot myself.

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Thanks for a great contest Microsoft! This has been an exciting year. I'm really looking forward to future contests. I like how live bot delivers rss feeds. Very cool feature! I loved Gwaambot also. I was so impressed with the graphics on that one. Great job you everyone!!!


Encouragebot v1.0

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Good to see that the results are finally published! Congratulations to all the winners, especially for Yousef / Juzzi, the grand prize winner!
It took a while to have the judging done, and that doesn't really matter, but I think it would have been nice if we would have been updated about the status of the judgement more often. Now we had to wait a long time and nobody knew what was happening, so keep that in mind for a (hypothatical) future contest.
Thanks for the compliments about the Gwaam Bot (was made with the Buddyscript SDK btw), I am very pleased with the fact that people like it (and it seems to be quite popular too).
Too bad that my Geocaching Bot is not in the list, I'd expected that it would score much better then the Gwaam Bot for example. It uses different Windows Live SDKs (Activity, VE, Search), it is usefull (for people that do Geocaching, already has 460,000 members) and I thought it was pretty interactive with the user. It's also one of the top rated bots on the Live gallery, but appearantly the judges didn't like it. A pity, because I really thought I would be able to beat a couple of the other developers (Search Bunny for example, the Geocaching bot can also search but it can do more).
Neverthless, congratulations again to all of you, and I hope to see more wonderfull creations of you on the internet (maybe in a future contest).

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Congrats to all..


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Muralidhar Margapuri

Thanks for selecting Project management Consultant Bot (

Congratulations to all other winners!!!

This was really a very exiting contest. I used the incesoft sdk for this project.

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Something I think was difficult is that during the judging period most of the bots were down (including mine). For the last month users haven't been able to get through .

I think you can only claim one prize if you have multiple bots. J what bots did you create

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Todd Biggs - Windows Live

Spleak did indeed start out life as a Messenger plug-in but was re-written for the Conversagent, then Colloquis, and now Microsoft platform. It was a valid entry in the contest.

Todd Biggs, Windows Live

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initially chose Incesoft because they had the simplest API which just got messages to and from the hosting app.

on top of that i built custom Workflow activities for making a statement to the user, asking questions and waiting for answers, sending the typing message, opening activity windows, etc... i just released the code for those custom workflow activities, and a simple app to host a workflow (bot) that uses those activities : (code can be downloaded from the Source section)

but in the end, i had horrible reliability issues the last 2 weeks, and although i can't be sure, the fault seems to be with Incesoft ... so i've shut my bots down until MS provides something better.

Thanks, casey

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Congratulations to all winners!
Do we have to wait for being contacted to retrieve our prizes (I'm still waiting for the week-end madness prize... )

Virtual Secretary & QuizMasterBot admin

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Great job all.  Wishes to the winners.

My bots "Mother Nature" and "InvestWiser" were both created using incesoft sdk.

I had a third bot using Akonix sdk - "Apple" - great concept but debugging was difficult and finally could not get it to work well.

Best part of the contest was the forums - the forums were "live" and I enjoyed the interaction with fellow developers like me. 

Bot Issues continue: The bots were not working for a long time and still does not respond most times, although i see a dozen or so sessions everyday (it was 40-50 before).  The icon / display image does not come up any more! I hope things get sorted out at incesoft before we get the big hits.

Congrats again for a great contest.  Happy holiday season to you all and thanks for all the support.


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Has anyone received their winning email yet Let me know. My fear is that my email will forward it to junk mail and I won't see it. :) hehee

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shiny zhu


I have just seen the result of this contest.

And I have attend the robot contest in China. My robot is a travel bot. Wish I will have a good grade.

But i added a bot to my Live Messenger, and i send message to it, it can not receive my message at all. how about this

I am located at Chengdu City, SiChuan Province , China.

Is the problem we have the different network

Welcome to vote for me at the contest page : action=showDetail&id=93

And my bot is

please let me know how about your feeling after talking with my bot. thanks a lot.