Is there a way yet that I can set ad distribution to both Content and Search I can in the UI, but w/ the api AdCenterOrder.Medium can only be set to one of Search, Content, or None...

Re: Dual Ad Distribution Setting

Jeff Dillon - MSFT

Yes, it is possible to "or" the values together to achieve what you want, as described here:


Hope this helps!

Jeff Dillon, Microsoft adCenter API Technical Support

Re: Dual Ad Distribution Setting


Thanks, thats what I was looking for...but now Im running into a -400177 (which I cant find in the error codes reference in the MSDN reference, but found a few posts in the forum about it having to do with not being in the content pilot, which we are for sure...I confirmed with our rep as well as can do it by hand in the GUI). Im using c# and trying to add a new order with the medium property set like so:

newOrder.Medium = MSNCampaignManagement.MediumType.Search | MSNCampaignManagement.MediumType.Content;

Any ideas Thanks for the help!

Re: Dual Ad Distribution Setting


You will find -400177 documented in the release notes as: "The user is trying to create a content ads order but the user is not in the content ads pilot and/or the content ads order does not target the United States distribution channel."

Maybe you are in the pilot but are not targeting united status distribution channel

I have the same problem, ie can create orders with content and search at the AdCenter UI, can pull the order with the API but any attempt to update without removing content gives the error above.

Not sure whether we are in the pilot or not, either way there seems an inconsistency between MSN UI and API.

Please post if you find out what is going on

Re: Dual Ad Distribution Setting

Shai Kariv - MSFT

It seems like what's going on is that that you're not in the pilot, but there's a bug in API that allows you to deal w/ content ads. We are investigating this now. When everything is fixed, the UI and API should behave exactly the same; the only difference being that UI redirect pilot customers to content ads UI, whereas API simply exposes the same WSDL for all customers and then returns error if non-pilot customers attempt to manage content ads.