Is it okay if I click on "View Source" on the SDK, see the javascripts and copy some code This is really a HUGE time-saver for the basic features so I don't have to write the code...

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You can do whatever you want once the page is rendered on your browser.

Also check the virtual earth SDK the have the source code tab so technically you could copy it from there


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Derek Chan

Here's are links to the javascript files that generates the interactive SDK samples incase anyone is looking for them:

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Alexandru Matei


I'd like to ask you, what trick did some article writers in order to get access to the Microsoft undocumented structures

For example the oldV4 'Microsoft.Web.Geometry.Point' and the new V5 'Msn.VE.Geometry.Point' are mentioned here,

but I can't find any documentation for them. PostID=1551674&SiteID=1

Thank you very much.

Re: Is it okay if I do this?

Derek Chan


These undocumented classes belong inside the VE api, namely the .ashx file that resides on You won't find any documentation on them, as this is the actual code for the Microsoft VE control which MS has obfuscated so you have a hard time doing anything unsupported. You can either follow through the mapcontrol reference when you link it using code like this:

Just copy and paste the link into your browser, and you'll start seeing whats going on. I'd recommend the best way to see what is going on is to install Firefox and it's add-on extension, Firebug. Firebug is a great javascript debugger to help developers understand whats going on behind the hood.

Hope that helps,