I just attempted to install Silverlight in preparation for running Popfly for the first time.

I am running Macos 10.4.10.

The freshly downloaded Silverlight installer informs me that Silverlight requires Macos 10.4.8 or later, and refuses to install.


Re: Silverlight install problem on macos


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Re: Silverlight install problem on macos

Jim Gordon Mac MVP


There's a note in the support section for SilverLight that explains the installer is broken for 10.4.10. It has the instructions to manually install SilverLight:

(I had better luck with the 1.1 alpha than the 1.0 beta)

To install SilverLight manually:
Download Silverlight
Open the DMG
Right click on the Silverlight_W2_MIX.pkg package
Choose to Show Package Contents
Open Contents folder
Double-click Archive.pax.gz
Drag Silverlight.plugin to Library:Internet Plug-Ins folder

Re: Silverlight install problem on macos

johnmont [msft]

We haven't done extensive testing of Popfly on Silverlight 1.1 alpha, but in the quick pass through that I did the other day it seemed to work pretty well.