Has anyone come across this issue...

1) I have created a Facebook - Virtual Earth mashup to show my friend's locations.

2) I had no problem generating developer keys and the mashup seems to work fine as friends do appear on the Virtual Earth map.

3) The problem is that my friend appear in some very odd (and quite amusing) locations. One of them is several hundred miles SE of the coast of Gabon in the Atlantic (he assures me that he is not there).

I am using the "City" field from Facebook to get Latitude and Longitude for the Virtual Earth plot, could the problem be that people have not completed this field in their Facebook profile


Re: Facebook Mashup Friends in the Wrong Locations


I got a feeling that the location you mention of is actually 0, 0. When geonames can't find a match for a given location it returns 0, 0. So it oculd jsut be your friends profiles are incomplete.

Unfortunately geocoding can be hit and miss as resolving place names to co-ordinates is tricky given the so many different ways people exchange address information.