Lately, when I start Windows Live Messenger, it takes an awfully long time to start it, or sometimes it doesn't start at all. When I'm able to sign in and start talking, it freezes up so I end the task. It just automatically closes down and has no error bug to it. I don't have any viruses.. I think, but I reinstalled it, tried fixing it.. but nothing helped.

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The Metrologist

Which version of Messenger is this Which OS are you using Do you see this problem when you go to

You might try to uninstall and re-install Windows Live Sign-in Assistant.

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I have a feeling that you're probably using WL Messenger 8.1 (latest version).

Unfortunately you're not alone in having huge startup times with this release (Sometimes my machine freezes for up to 1 minute whilst trying to sign into messenger, and this occurs on more than 1 machine so is not machine specific).

Also unfortunately I do not as yet have an answer to this problem as it appears to be a problem with Messenger itself.

I can say however that this very issue was raised at the recent Microsoft MVP summit with the Messenger team and they are aware of it and looking it into it. Hopefully a fix or update will be coming shortly to this problem.

Colin Brown


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I have the same problem:

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 (latest)
Windows Vista Business (upgrade from XP SP)

Installs fine, doesn't start. There is a msnmsgr.exe process running, but Live Messenger doesn't show up. I can't kill the process. Starting new instances (as administrator or normal user) of Live Messenger doesn't help - only new processes are creates, but the program does not show up.

It's been 5 months since release of Windows Vista and Microsoft hasn't fixed this issue. They are loosing their users...

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I have found the problem to be either in:

  • Firefox
  • Google Browser Sync (for Firefox)
  • Google Toolbar for Firefox

Uninstalling those and restarting PC helped - Messenger showed up and is forking fine (for now). But I hate IE Smile and want to use FF.

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i have this same problem, only i am not running those other programs like firefox and the others, so i have no idea how to fix it. please help

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I am having a problem as well, only mine just says that "Windows Live Messenger has stopped working, and that windows can

check online for a solution to the problem."

So I check online, but then it closes the program, and I can't do anything more, it won't even allow me to bring up the messenger itself, just only has a pop up that says that messenger has stopped working, and it also give me a problem signature,which I do not understand at all, it says the problem event name, application name, and many more things like that, but I don't know how to fix it at all for my windows live messenger 8.1

Help would be greatly appreciated.

I have been trying to fix it for a month now.

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Ok .... I was running vista ultimate and ran windows live messenger 8.1 with no problems at all, except that when it was running under my public identity, it would screw up my passport sign ins in my private identity in the Microsoft web sites... IE the messenger service would somehow control the passport cookie in my IE... despite that I would sign into a web site using my secure ID

This was all wonderful until 2 weeks ago when my notebook suffered a serious hardware failure and was repaired under warranty... I gather they put in a new motherboard... so suddenly my drivers started failing... I took the radical decision to redeploy the box... so I wiped the c drive and started again...

Now I have the same problem as the rest of you.... Interesting when you uninstall the messenger it happily shuts down the one messenger service that you cant otherwise shut down...

Clearly messenger is running, but for some reason the helper is not loading in the sys tray for you to access the forms platform...

Clicking on the start icon just creates more messenger services... all happily runnng as their own instance... with no icon...

I had hoped that the uninstall and reinstall would reinstate me to a working messenger status... that is not the case unfortunately...

This is the cleanest box you could imagine setting up... its also got lots of grunt... so its not a hardware or environmental issue...

I am thinking the helper is trying to load but is not hitting the sys tray, Im wondering if it is going somewhere where we cant see it...

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Does anyone know what you can't download both Microsoft Defender and Live OneCare Because after I downloaded Live OneCare, I started getting more pop-ups. When I open Internet Explorer, another IE will open up with different ads, "used cars, "dating service" etc.... and I thought that the Live OneCare would take care of that since I've run scans and it still says "nothing found" any suggestions

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I have the same problem as well - running XP Pro, no Firefox, no Google toolbars. Messenger Live 8 and then 8.1 was working fine for 6 months, and then "poof" it won't open. No new drivers installed anywhere, no new software installed, no viruses or worms found by avast or McAfee; SpyBot Search and Destroy says everything is fine. Uninstalled Messenger, rebooted, re-installed. Uninstalled WebCam, re-installed...nothing helps. I'm getting ready to go postal on the registry....even tried a system restore to 2 weeks prior and XP says there's nothing to restore because there's been no changes to the system. Very frustrating....I can't see my grandkids in Wisconsin with the webcam anymore.

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Im sorry folks... I gave up on Messenger .... every time I install it my really clean well speced grunty system grinds to a halt as it takes up all the resource on the system trying to load something it just cant load... its symptomatic of being in a continuous loop which cycles up each time... I even tried to go back to a prior version and even it wont work now...

Im thinking some service is now being activated from a registry call... which is residual despite the uninstall... My solution was to go with a different service... (Trillian) Sorry messenger team... but I need my contacts working and I just dont have time to dive into my box with a debugger to find this thing...

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I have used WLM using both IE7 and Firefox 2, the problem seems to be the sharing folders. I have read that disabling them helps. I have never used them as I don't like the idea but my daughters kept crashing and I disabled hers and it has worked fine since, also don't forget to check for updates.

I had Windows Defender and (in my humble opinion) thought it wasn't up to much on it's own but is great with a few AS apps. It sounds like a piece of adware/spyware has got into your machine! Pop-ups open in a new window (set by default in IE7 tabbed browsing options) and do that anyway in IE6. Run an extra antispyware app. such as Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 edition (it's free), also try the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner (free from the Windows OneCare website). With Win Defender you are allowed two free incident reports so let them know and they should help. Pop-ups are usually spyware and Win Defender does miss a good few but works well a few others.

If the spyware is deep in your registry try HijackThis as a last resort, you can post the results of the scan (run and save a log but don't change anything until an expert has looked it over) on the tech boards at TrendMicro (who MS picked to scan your Hotmail attachments), any tech forums and here of course.

Oh I forgot, you can also run the Microsoft malicious software removal tool as an extra precaution, no harm done.

Good luck Smile

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Nic Foley

i have also experienced these problems with windows live messenger but have found a (temporary) fix for it, to at least allow me to use messenger freely.

First of all, you need to completely uninstall windows live messenger.

Then go to 1408 and download this version (or infact, any version before the current one, i just chose this one because it is the latets version that isnt BETA)

Install that and it should work.

Note: after installing this it will have that little yellow bar that prompts you to upgrade it to the newer version. don't upgrade until a propper fix has been found.

hope this helps.

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louis parke

i installed windows vista today and it took 40mins max ,

so next logical step was an antivirus which went on great , followed by messenger live

and may i tell you in french what a *** that was i could not get it to install for almost 4 hours . i had RC2 on an old amd pc and it went on instantly but this p4 pc would not let it install i had to browse and download about 4 different version of messenger till i finally got it to install yet that still tok 40 mins before the progress bar even moved , then i got a message from the most spectacular firewall ever created ( the one that lets nothing through, you know the one its that stupid pathetic thing that microsoft add to the security centre, you guessed it WINDOWS FIREWALL, pathetic piece of *** that is ) why do they not supply symantec/norton firewall as they are partners come free with windows.

all i can say is for the price i paid for this operating system its *** for allowing anything to install and it also slows my 20 meg conn down to the bare minimum it took me 20-25 mins to download the install progs for messenger , where as on xp pro it would take 20-25 seconds its making me feel like im back using the dial up internet connection.

sorry for the rant but to take almost 7 hours to install windows and antivirus and messenger is taking the pi ss and im very very angry at microsoft and mr gates for allowing that firewall to act like an arse even tho i allowed messenger install access in the firewall.

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Ok hopefully someon can help me. I am a dork when it comes to computer so here it goes. I have a Compaq Presario compueter with Windows XP. I downloaded Windows Hotmail Messenger and a web cam so that I could communicate with my boyfriend in Portugal. IM works fine but I cannot get the camera to work from home. However, I came to work and signed in to my account and I was able to see his cam. Obviously I do not have a cam at work so it was onesided. I went home and I cannot get it to work at home. When I get the invite from him it says I have to download the messenger when I try to I get a message box that says "Unable to install either Windows is running on safe mode or it was downloaded wrong". I tried to just uninstall the program and try again but when I go into my uninstall programs I don't see Windows Messenger there. I have tried calling Verizon which is where I have service and I swear they are no help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to take this safe mode off or just how I uninstall this program and try again. Help Me. Thanks.