Im working on a WinForms smart client application which uses WCF services to access a hosted data store. This application is similar to CAB. It has a number of smart parts/win parts that independently call the services to save and load data. The User may potentially open many forms or customise a dashboard to have many parts all making simultaneous requests.

Will each simultaneous request get made in parallel by WCF, splitting the bandwidth on the client for each so that they may time out Does WCF have some facility on the client to pool the requests

I know it has instancing on the host server however I havent found anything for this in the context of the client and its bandwidth. It would be good to know if this is something we should handle above the WCF service calls or by configuration of WCF services.

Any information or ideas are appreciated.



Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) How to globally control the bandwidth usage of the client? (Client side pooling)

David Kreutz - MSFT

What binding are you using HTTP for example has some throttling in place at the .NET layer that could slow down too many simultaneous calls, however if you aren't sending large sets of data i doubt you will run into to many bottlenecks.