I m currently using this tool "swf2xaml"

But its not rendering the swf file exactly

Some problem with colorfilling in userdefined shapes .

after converting swf in XAML , it fills color in uneven shapes with different algorithm than macromedia flash ..

Is there any solution

Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) problem with swf2xaml

Michael Swanson

Hi there! I'm the author of the swf2xaml tool, and Rob Relyea was kind enough to give me a heads-up about this post.

Without seeing the SWF file, it's hard to know exactly what might be going on here. The first thing to check would be the list of supported features on the swf2xaml site: Also, if you have the original FLA file, it's worth re-publishing it to a lower version to see if that helps. You can find this option under File/Publish Settings... on the Flash tab under the Version drop-down. Try "Flash Player 6" or below for the best success. The reason this might work is that the swf2xaml tool supports more of the older Flash tags than the newer ones.

Last, if you want to contact me to send the SWF file, please use the form on my blog: