We are developing a new financial solution using WCF as communication programming model, in order to be accomplished with new customer requirements: SOA and interoperability.

We have some WCF services (.svc) published in an Win2003/IIS6 server providing corporative services for some client applications. Since these client applications functionalities are built using composition of corporative services, all services are configured to use wsHttpBinding because we are using new transaction flow feature and also to guarantee interoperability with other WS* consumers.

We are having problems when some services must return large results to client applications like financial transaction lists to be processed by those.

We have already tried to configure these services with "Mtom" message encoding instead of "Text", we increased maxReceivedMessageSize parameter. We have done other configuration changes like defining readerCotas parameter, increase

closeTimeout, sendTimeout, openTimeout parameters and nothing what we have done is making difference.

When a list returned by services is larger than 1000 registers the exception below was thrown:

An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Could someone help us

Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) Return large result sets using WCF with wsHttpBinding

Brian McNamara - MSFT

First configure tracing on the server


and see if there is an exception that provides better diagnostics about the actual problem.