Edwin Santos

I'm upset with wcf because I can't know ecxactly what happen behind de Scenes...

I mean, I created this simple exemple:

I created a Service with a OperationContract that generates a txt file on the server.

I set it up to using wsHttpbinding in the webconfig file, because I would like to test change to use tcp without change code.

I created a windows application to host this service.

I created a simple client windows application that's request de Service, I access using proxy genereated by "Add Service" and not running the svcutil.exe directtly.

Running this in my developer machine, it works fine.

But when I put the service in my server service with the application host and put the client application in a xp desktop it sometimes doesn't work...

Sometimes works with/without the firewall on, sometimes not...

well, what I want is to know about tools to track services and what happend behind de scenes.

I'm using WMWare to host my box that run my WCF applications, did someone already do that


Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) upset wcf


You can try turning on messagelogging and tracing (use WCF configuration tool on web.config/app.config) for both the client and the service. In the bin direcory of the sdk installation (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0\Bin

) is SvcTraceViewer.exe - it'll make it easier to read the trace / log files that will be created in your app root if you enable tracing / logging.