If i write my LINQ code in notepad then all i need is a LINQ compiler and dot net framework which supports LINQ, as for the framework I know versioon 3.5 beta 2 is out, i can use that. What abt the compiler, will i also get SDK with the framework Will I be able to work just with the framework

Re: LINQ Project General miminum requirement for LINQ


You will need to add the appropriate references (System.Core) and use the 3.5 compiler rather than the 2.0 compiler. If you are using LINQ to SQL or LINQ to XML, there will be additional references you will need to include.

Jim Wooley

Re: LINQ Project General miminum requirement for LINQ

Dinesh Kulkarni - MSFT

Jim has correctly stated the requirements. You can find the relevant new DLLs in new location at Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.5

The visual designer for LINQ to SQL is a part of Visual Studio and not the framework. SqlMetal.exe is a part of Windows SDK (fka .NET framework SDK).