Sometime ago i installed Visual Studio extensions on Visual Studio 2005 and was able to create WPF projects. Then, yesterday i installed latest Orcas CTP on top of that and when i try to create a project i don't see an option for any of .NET 3 projects (WWF, WCF, WPF), but i still can create one in VS 2005. If i open a WPF project created in VS 2005, in VS Orcas, i can compile and run, but i still don't see the designer.

Any ideas how i could fix it

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Re: Visual C# 2008 (Pre-release) Can't create a .NET 3.0 app (WPF) in Orcas


The current CTP has some issues with side-by-side installation in regards to VS 2005 and/or any edition of SQL Server 2005. Specifically, the WPF designer and Project Properties tend not to work. You can check the release notes on the download site for the exact details.

If you want to work with WPF in Orcas, your best bet right now is to run it inside a virtual machine. But the Virtual PC image download includes SQL Express, so that won't work... You'll need to set up a clean VM in Virtual PC (or VMWare, or whatever) with Windows XP SP2 (*not* Vista), and then grab the Orcas installation bits, do a custom install, and uncheck SQL Express.

Of course you don't *have* to use a virtual machine. If you have a spare computer laying around, that will work fine too, just so long as it's a clean install of XP and you don't install SQL Express.

Re: Visual C# 2008 (Pre-release) Can't create a .NET 3.0 app (WPF) in Orcas


You can create your WPF project with Blend ( FamilyId=31F7B20E-9A1D-4317-8146-FBB6A39B1A2C&displaylang=en) and after open it with Orcas.

Re: Visual C# 2008 (Pre-release) Can't create a .NET 3.0 app (WPF) in Orcas

Kylin Ming

There is a bug in the CTP release of C# and Visual Basic Codename "Orcas" Express Edition that prevents a user from creating or opening a WPF project. The user is presented with an error message, "The project type is not supported by this installation".

The patches are now available on the Express Orcas download page!
Visual Basic Express: LinkID=89414&clcid=0x409
C# Express: LinkID=89415&clcid=0x409

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kylin ming