im new to WPF and i cant figure out how to databind WPF controls to a datasource. can anyone please give me a crash course on how to do this Also how can i use controls like the 'timer' and other controls that are not directly available in from the Visual Studio 2005 toolbox (but are available in a normal windows App) when working with a WPF application. Ive also got expression blend RC1. is this better to use as a starter than using the templates in Visual stuio. Thanks guys.


Re: Visual Studio WPF Designer Newbie Qn

Mark Boulter

This forum is for the WPF Designer ("Cider") in Visual Studio. If you have questions about WPF or using the WPF runtime then the WPF forum http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx ForumID=119&SiteID=1 is probably a better place to ask your question. There are also some great WPF books out there that will help you get started -