Feroz Khan

Can any one let me know what would be the role of remoting,enterprise services with WCS being the latest .

With WCS we can create bindings as tcp and add a service reference. we can make use of library.

Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) Role of Remoting , Enterprise services in .net with WCS

Pablo Cibraro


We could say that remoting and enterprise services are being supported because there is a great investment in those technologies and many applications are still using them nowadays (In some way, obsolete technologies).

They use a completely different architectural paradigm to build applications compared to WCF, which uses a Service Oriented Paradigm.

Service-oriented development focuses on systems that are built from a set of autonomous services. In WCF, a service is simply a program that one interacts with via message exchanges. A set of deployed services is a system.

Microsoft and the rest of the industry is going on that direction right now.