Hi there, I want to ask one question about tooltip. I found in inkcanvas, tooltip only show once and then disapear except moving mouse out of inkcanvas and then move in.

Because I use inkcanvas to contain some uielements, I want to show tooltip when user mouse over the uielement. And if user mouse over another uielement, tooltip will be shown immediately.


Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Tooltip display in InkCanvas

Yi-Lun Luo - MSFT

Hello, I think you can put a normal Canvas on top of the InkCanvas. You can put your UIElements in the normal Canvas. Keep the normal CanvasĄ¯s Background as default: Transparent, so you can still draw on the InkCanvas but not on the UIElements. Then the Tooltips will show correctly and you donĄ¯t need to worry about users will draw on top of the UIElements.