We have a massive ASMX service that has a SOAPHeader on pretty much every method. I am aware of two ways of porting this to WCF: MessageContract or IWsdlExportExtension. I am interested in implementing the IWsdlExportExtension, but the only example I found so far was for adding an annotation, which did not show how to link a custom type SOAP headers.

Does anybody know of a code sample of how to use IWsdlExportExtension to implement a custom SOAP header. The custom SOAP header has to be available in WSDL.

If you do not have a code sample, can you outline the steps in terms of what WCF components I need to use (OperationBehavior, EndpointBehavior, etc) and what are the key methods and objects I need to work with.

Thank you very much for your help!!!


Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) Yet another SOAP Header question


My research on IWsdlExportExtension is going nowhere. Please help!

I just need to find a solution of implementing an equivalent of SOAPHeader attribute without using MessageContracts. The soap header has to be present in WSDL.

Thank you!