Adam D

Hi folks, I've been reading through alot of previous posts on performance but none of them seem to help my problem. If I have a plane rotating at a resonable distance from the camera I can get about 60+ fps but when i move it closer to the camera and it fills aroudn 80% of the viewport the framerate drops to 7 fps (these are measured with perforator). I'm using a radeon 9800 pro and running XP sp2. I'd expect a fairly decent framerate for just one object.
Is there something I'm missing here ClipToBounds is set to false and EdgeMode is Aliased (though i believe this is the default on XP ).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks,


Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) WPF 3D Performance on XP

Adam D

doh! I was using the stock xp drivers. I just installed the latest ati ones and it seems to work perfectly Smile

Should have done that ages ago realy!