Im hosting my wcf service under com+.

everything works find untill I try to install a contract (com+ interface) that belongs to a com+ components that have more than one interface.

when I start the component service (in component services) it generates an error. (the process cannot be started).

all the rest of the components work fine. (if they have only one interface)

does anyone have an idea what could be the reason for this

Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) comsvcconfig - problem with com+ component that contains more than one interface

Axel Andrejs - MSFT

Multiple interfaces are supported. However, not all interfaces work with WCF. For example, object references are not supported unless they implement IPersistStream.

Did comsvcconfig give you any warnings when ran in verbose mode Did the event log have any information on why the service started to fail You should turn to those two for additional clues. If that is not helpful, try excluding methods that have non-basic types on them to see if it starts working.