Craig Main


I am using basicHttpBinding to create a WCF service that is being consumed from a Studio 2005 web service reference.

All the scalar arguments to the method calls are accompanied by a bunch of horrible IsSpecified boolean arguments. If I wanted such a cludgy interface I would have added the booleans myself

How do I specify that these arguments are in fact not optional

The client code looks terrible. I wish to make the service nicely backward compatible. I have tried adding [WebMethod] attributes as it was suggested that it would help, but alas, it does not.




Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) Optional arguments consuming WCF service.

Nathan Anderson - MSFT

Here's a blog post on this behavior:

The short answer is to use IsRequired=true in your DataContract:

Code Snippet


public class Route



public int zipCodeFrom;


public int zipCodeTo;


Hope this helps.