Josh Bernard

Im working on revamping my companies website as well as providing a web service API for the same functions as the website provides. I am curious if there is anyone building their ASP front ends that simply wrap the WCF services. I have not played much with WCF and have not used it within ASP yet.

Do you think its beneficial to use the WCF services as the back-end to a website My biggest concern is of course performance but I then think that if I expose my services with at least 2 bindings, 1 for http WS for external API and 1 binding as a Named Pipe for ASP that it would work fine with little overhead.

How do you experienced WCF'ers feel about this type of design and what are some concerns with it


Josh Bernard

Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) ASP.Net front-end for WCF


Hi Josh ,

This is common but is also often overengineered .

Normally i would just develop a seperate Business Logic layer DLL which can be moved to services if needed. It is needed when

- You have other clients such as other applications , windows clients etc . People who spend all day using an application normally preffer windows clients and hence a common back end can be advantageous.

- You have a large web site .

- You have multiple machines hosting your web site . You can scale better with multiple machines outputting the pages and WCF services providing data/BLL.

I would not worry too much about performance - but messages to and from WCF service should be chunky not just spamming objects.