Keith Farmer

In case anybody missed it, the folks in XML just had a new release: LINQ to XSD

They're requesting comments be directed to their forum.

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System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 2

Why does it not support win2k

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reposted from xml team blog

hmm and besides there is some quite important subject

XML INDEXING for querying ;p

As far as I know in System.Xml & in xlinq there is no xml indexing at all

As such indexing needs some way to specify what subelements/attributes should be indexed it is nice to get back to this topic while working with xsd. Maybe some sort of ˇ°indexthisˇ± annotations in xsd

Some might say ˇ°indexing is for databasesˇ±. Yes it is. But now ram is big enough to work with so called ˇ°in memoryˇ± databases. So instead of using sql server xml indexing we might have linq based in memory xml database. We need two things:

- indexing. As mentioned above

- disk written change log. This could be embedded in generated setters methods

Of course some transaction support and locking will be nice, but those two are quite a lot ;p

And Of course same for linq2objects. We need indexes supporting collections with index aware IQueryable implementations. It is A MUST

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Keith Farmer

In regards to memory, it isn't safe to presume that there's enough space in memory to hold an index to some potentially gigantic (or infinitely-large -- consider the case of using LINQ against an unbounded data source, such as a stock ticker) structure. If indexing is needed, it's probably going to be due to reasonably unique constraints, and thus, probably, best left to the developer.

Could some simplistic indexes be prepackaged Probably. But I'd question their usefulness.

This is another reason why expression trees are interesting -- you can write alternative providers (not just for RDBMS) that implement the indexing logic that makes sense for your situation.

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Roger Jennings

There's an overview of LINQ to XSD (a.k.a. "LINQ to XML Objects"), links to background docs, and a brief bibliography in "Reduce Object/XML Impedance Mismatch with LINQ to XSD."


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This stuff works great, natural language queries on xml serializable objects. However...

The following assemblies within the Linq To Xsd installations are not strong named System.Query.dll, System.Xml.XLinq.dll and Microsoft.Xml.Schema.Linq.dll.

Is this going to be fixed in any future installs put out by Microsoft