Jeremiah Morrill

With the millions of blog posts about MS giving up the source of the .NET 3.5 (and others) libs, I was wondering what this does for WPF. Does this mean we get access [and documentation] to the milcore Will milcore be opened up like the rest of the libs or will that stay closed The reason I ask is because WPF is the best UI platform out there, but has some short-commings I think we can get around if we had some low-level access to the framework.


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I want to "second" this. We're screaming for more options to us DirectShow natively in WPF.



Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) WPF Source Code?

Rob Relyea

Hello. My impression is that we are now releasing source of the managed code bits of WPF, not MilCore.dll (or other unmanaged dlls that we call).

We understand that having better media and directx integation into our rendering pipeline is desired.

Thanks, Rob Relyea

Program Manager, WPF Team

Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) WPF Source Code?

Drew Marsh

The interesting thing to see is how much of the undocumented power of milcore will be exposed by P/Invoke entrypoints.

We got this super powerful DWM in Windows Vista, but can't actually tap any of the powerful architecture that underlies it. All show, no go.