I have html code as a string and want to show it in my xaml browser application, i am stuck with this and i can't find a way, i tried WindowsForms but it gives a security excepton. is there any way to show my html string in frame and my app is xbap not a windows app.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) html content & frame

Chango V. - MSFT

This has been a popular request, but currently not possible in any direct way.

- The Frame element can be navigated only to an external HTML resource, at the XBAP's site of origin.

- The WinForms WebBrowser control requires Full Trust, so it can't be used in a normal XBAP.

The closest you can get is to send the HTML text to the server, send it there, and navigate the Frame to it.

Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) html content & frame

Michael L. White

Hi there:

Well you could convert the html to a flowdocument, I found this interesting article HERE, which you have download some classes, but essentially once you do, you need to parse the HTML into a flow document, then you can add that to a reader in your application.