Our Application is rewritten using WCF. We would like to perform a load/stress tesing on the application hosted in test environment.

We would like to simulate the traffic sent over the wire by WCF client in our load test tool.

The messages sent over the wire are compressed / base 64 encoded and binary encoded.

For simulating the load generated by the WCF Client to the services we have captured the traffic sent over the wire without uncompressed / non encoded.

There are really 3 things I need: Compression / Decompression as DLL

Base 64 Encoder / Base 64 Decoder as DLL

Binary Encoder / Binary Decoder as DLL

So that we can take the plain SOAP Envelope in WCF and pass it to DLL and get it compressed / base 64 encoded / binary encoded.

We need to work with plain traffic as we need to customize the SessionID , Parameters passed to Services from the client .

Please let us know where can i get this components as DLL.

Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) Multi-user Testing

Hao Xu - MSFT

WCF doesn't provide these DLLs that you are looking for. It sounds like specific to your application so you may have to build them yourself.