We've learned to rely on our debuggers.  We save hour (and days) by letting them tell us where to look and show us the memory contents surrounding an error.  Thank you MSFT for a great Debugger in the VS projects.

That said, what's up with the XAML debugger   It's very frustrating to repeatedly see "Error in markup file 'Builder.xaml' Line 1 Position 9".  That error can mean almost anything!  It's like being without a debugger at all--only worse.  In the pre-debugger days we could still write to a text file every few lines to determine the location of an error.  Now it's all parsed at once, so we have to randomly remove things until the error goes away.  The InnerException gets me a little closer, but I've had it point me in the wrong direction before too.

Please work on a better XAML debugger.

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Agree, debugging WPF is a pain in the a.

Checking the innerexception will help as you said but i also found another trick to get around the "Line 1 Position x blablabl"-exception.

Do NOT add ANYTHING in the constructor for the control, here all exceptions will result in the Line1-exception. Use the loaded-event instead, then all exceptions thrown will work like they should in the debugger. You will still have to deal with error in your xaml-markup but at least the codebehind will be debugable.

Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) XAML feels Debuggerless

Drew Marsh

I think Microsoft hears you loud and clear. That's one of the biggest features of the Orcas release of Visual Studio. Unfortunately that probably won't be release until H207, but you can download the latest CTP here which has the best support yet for WPF.


Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) XAML feels Debuggerless

Laurent Bugnion


You might want to check this post too:



Re: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) XAML feels Debuggerless

Chango V. - MSFT

Another useful workaround until SP1:!167AD7A5AB58D5FE!1625.entry