Mystic Taz

I've got a strange situation where I'm using the MultiDataTrigger.

If I put only one of the following conditions in the collection, the trigger is matched. However, if I put both conditions in there (even though they are both true), the trigger does not match. Essentially, the MultiDataTrigger is giving me no more functionality than the DataTrigger.

Why is this broken for me

Code Snippet




<!-- TODO: For some reason the MultiDataTrigger is not matching on multiple conditions even when they are both true. -->

<!--<Condition Binding="{Binding RelativeSource={x:Static RelativeSource.Self}, Path=Validation.HasError}" Value="True" />-->

<Condition Binding="{Binding RelativeSource={x:Static RelativeSource.Self}, Path=(Validation.Errors)[0].Exception.Data[OMValidationException.TypeName]}" Value="OMRequiredFieldValidationException" />


<Setter Property="Validation.ErrorTemplate" Value="{StaticResource requiredFieldErrorTemplate}" />