I am using VS2008 Beta 2 to build a new web application. In these pages I want to use the ASP.Net AJAX client api to call WCF services using JavaScript.

I am new to this, and I have two questions...

  1. How can I call a WCF service using the ASP.Net AJAX client-side api
  2. Is there a way that I can secure the web services so that only authenticated users can call them from javascript (Is it "enough", for example, to secure them using ASP.Net Membership Services )

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Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) How can I secure WCF services for use with ASP.Net AJAX?

Fabio Pintos - MSFT

This article in MSDN should help:

WCF and ASP.Net:

Basically, you probably want to run with asp compatibility mode on and use url authorization. You can also use the ServiceBehavior with UseAspRoles, which should allow you to use membership services.