Benjamin Gopp

To whom it may concern,

will orcas support advanced databinding Or will the datasource dialog be the same as in VS2005

I'd like to see more declaritive databinding support.

For instance my busines layer is fully equipped with TypeConverter, TypeEditor etc. If I bind my object to the PropertyGrid, I get full UI support. But if I use the databinding dialog and drag-drop my business objects, I have to manually adjust the controls that should display my data. There is no way for mapping a custom datatype to a control. I just can implement my own control which displays the custom datatype by using the DefaultBindingPropertyAttrubte. The datasouce dialog should support most of the System.ComponentModel Attributes like ReadOnlyAttribute, DisplayNameAttribute etc.

Any suggestions on that issue


Re: ADO.NET (Pre-release) advanced databinding

Erick Thompson - MSFT


The Orcas release of ADO.NET supports the same level of data binding as was in Visual Studio 2005. However, your question seems to be more about Windows Forms UI binding, and not about ADO.NET. While my knowledge of Windows Forms databinding isn't extensive, I'd recommend that you look at the ICustomTypeDescriptor interface, as I think that you will need to implement this interface to do what you are trying to do.

If you paste the following URL into the Visual Studio 2005 documentation, it should bring up a page that describes the various interfaces used for Windows Forms Data Binding, and has explicit information for component authors.