Hello Everybody,

I have created a wcf service in web application and when i use the svcconfigeditor to create a web.config file i have a problem in creating the config file.

But if i create a wcf service in console application i can create the config file using this same editor and i get a APP.config file

My problem is how to configure a web.config file using this editor or is there some other solution for this

If anybody has a solution for this please reply me


Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) svcconfigeditor



Your post does not explain what the problem is. Where there specific error messages when loading the web.config file in the editor

Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) svcconfigeditor


If you choose File->Open you get the option to browse to an existing web.config file in IIS. If you do not have one, choose File->New, create your config file, and then save it as ˇ°web.configˇ± in the location you want it in.

App.config files and web.config files are only different in name and how they are used. The content is the same.