Gladston Raj

Give a simple example(Console Application) on Wcf Client/Server application using MSMQ ,how to pass values from client to server and vice versa using MSMQ in C#.

Re: Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) Help regarding MSMQ using Wcf

Arkadi Kreichman

As I know you can only pass messages from client to server using msmq, on the server you shoud use winservice or COM+ service

to receive the message, but no feedback is available. If you want to receive feedback from the server you should use

net remoting, with Activator.GetObject() on client and And Activator.RegisterWellKnownObject on server, with attributes like singlecall

or singleton.

If you want to use msmq with feeback you shoud declare 2 private queue folders one for receiving and one for responding,

but it's very hard to synchronize the responses if you using multiple clients.

For addtitional information post your question here.

Thanks A.K