I've just tried the Emacs mode in VS2008 which by default maps Edit.Cut to Ctrl-W, however, Ctrl-W selects the entire document and expands collapsed elements.

This occurs even after removing all the Ctrl-W mappings that the IDE has informed be of.

Does anyone else have this behavior or have suggestions on how I could track down what's causing this problem


Re: Visual Studio 2008 IDE, Debugger, Build, Deployment, Help, etc. Ctrl-W selects all the text in the current file and expands collapsed elements, anyone else see this behavior


Nevermind Smile

This was an issue with my setup. Specifically, for interested readers of Emacs orientation, I use DevExpress CodeRush and it had a default mapping for Ctrl-W to expand the selection.

Got to remember to check those add-in bindings.