I encountered a problem with Device Emulator in VS2005.
When I open Device Emulator Manager, I found nothing in the treeview except a single "other" node. And when I debug an application, the Device Emulator could not be connected.
But It works well days before.

Very appreciate you to help me.

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Vijay Madhavapeddi - MSFT

Can you see the list in Tools->Connect To Device
Did you try closing and opening VS2005 and the device emulator manager

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I tried that way. It only displays "connecting..." dialog but didn't response further.
I have also tried closing and reopening VS2005, and also restarted my computer. But the problem still exists.

How can I do

Need I restall it

Re: Device Emulator General Problem with Device Emulator

Mohit Gogia

It appears to me that your datastore is somehow corrupted.

Can you please rename/remove the c:\documents and settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Corecon\1.0 directory Also please register \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SmartDevices\Emulators\DeviceEmulator/DeviceEmulatorbootstrap.dll.

Hope this helps.


Re: Device Emulator General Problem with Device Emulator

Mohit Gogia

Does this solves your problem



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I have been following this thread and many others for a similar problem. Both my
"Connect to Device" and
"Device emulator manager"
are empty. I have tried the remove corecon folders from both my profile and all users with no success. When I tried to install the mobile 6.0 refresh hoping that it will solve my problems, it goes upto the "Register with VisualStudio" state and throw an exception stating that the CoreCon was corrputed. I am not sure. Here are the contents of core con


all these are simple text files and their content was quite readable.

Can someone help please. I doubt at this stage reinstalling the VS 2005 and applying service pack would help anymore.

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I have same situation, too.

After I uninstalled Windows CE 5.0 Evaluation Edition (JPN).

I tried that

(1) removed "C:\Documents and Settings\<my username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CoreCon\1.0" directory

(2) did regsvr32 DeviceEmulatorBootstrap.dll

(3) then restart Visual Studio 2005.

But nothing changed. "Device Enumulator Manager" shows no devices.

Re: Device Emulator General Problem with Device Emulator

Mike Welch

I'm in a similar situation. I installed eVC++ 4 after installing VS 2005, but realized a few weeks later I needed eVC++ v3 for some legacy stuff that wouldn't compile under v4. So I one-by-one uninstalled all SDKs for embedded devices, all emulators, etc (but not VS 2005).

I then installed eVC++ v3 which comes with 2002 SDKs/emulators, then eVC++ v4, and all SDKs for PPC 2000, 2003, 2003SE, WM5 and WM6.

Now Device Manager is confused. It shows:


Pocket PC 2003

PPC 2003 SE Emulator

PPC 2003 SE Square Emulator

PPC 2003 SE Square VGA Emulator

PPC 2003 SE VGA Emulator

Smartphone 2003

SP 2003 SE Emulator

SP 2003 SE QVGA Emulator


Windows CE 5.0


The CE v5 stuff doesn't have anything under it.

I have done a refresh install of VS2005 and of the WM5 emulators to no avail. I've blown a whole day trying to figure this out. Dug around in the registry to see if I could fix it manually, but everything has to be a GUID of course, which makes fixing things impossible without a master decoder ring.