I am trying to retrieve table structure from a Sql Server CE database file 'SDF' that I dont exactly know in which version has been developed. It is for a 'Intermec' hand held computer. The main application is developed in Visual basic (5 or 6).

Now I am going to re-develope the application with some enhancements in VS 2005 using VB 2005. But I am unable to open the SDF file to see table structure, not from device or from VS 2005.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.


Re: Smart Devices VB and C# Projects Sql Server CE 'SDF' invalid db version in VS 2005 !?

Ilya Tumanov

Obviously that database is from an older version of SQL CE, so you can't open it unless it's converted to the new format. Please see SQL Mobile books online on how to use convert utility which comes with SQL Mobile. That conversion requires both versions of SQL CE (to and from) installed on the same device. I know conversion from SQL CE 2.0 is supported, not sure about SQL CE 1.0.