Seong Seob

I am tyring to adding Oemphone.dll of call UI in device emulator following the steps in WM 6.0 SDK help document such as Shell > Shell OS Design Development > Phone Canvas Customization >Adding a Custom Control to the Phone Canvas.

In this document, Setting a registry is in order to use Oemphone.dll instead of original MS call control. dll like the follwing

"Enabled" = 1

However the device emulator doesn't have Skin key, so I am trying to add the key value through Remot Edit register in Visual Studio 2005. and then "Unable to create specified key" pops up.

And also I tested it on Target, the Target already has the Skin value so I could modify it. Therefore I want to know that device emulator doesn't have the Skin originally, and it is impossible to adding the Skin registry in Security. I hope to develop specific Call UI instead of basice Call UI on Device Emulator

If you have any idea, please post anything about this.

Thanks advance

Seong Seob Cho