Avi G.


I would like to develop a Windows Mobile application that will need to synchronize with a server in near real time (up to 1 second).

The device is connected to the network.

I taught about using a constant TCP/IP link between the device and the server but I heard that there might be some problems with that:

- It consumes the battery.

- The IP of the device might change.

Does anyone has experience with that

The second approach is that the server will somehow activate a trigger in the device and the device will open open a connection to the server, is this possible


Avi Golan.

Re: Smart Devices General Remotely triggering events on device

Ilya Tumanov

The second approach and the first one are exactly the same: first one "activates a trigger" via network and TCP/IP. If you have some other phisical connection you can use that connection and ¡°activate a trigger¡± somehow . If not then you simply have no choice but to use TCP/IP.

Whatever IP can change or not depends on networking setup. You can use static IP so it would never change if you're in charge of netweorking.

As to power constantly running device consumes even more than networking.