Nelson Rodrigues

Hi there,

i'm developing an app, and my goal is to use GPS to get a position, and then try to contact a map server to download a map on that position.

2 Questions:

- the WM5.0 SDK comes with an example that uses GPS. Is that code copyrighted

(in C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce500\Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK\Samples\Cs)

- do you know any maps server that i could use for free


Re: Smart Devices General GPS development


At the top of the code in Form1 is the copyright information. Basically it is copyrighted by Microsoft but can be used as long as long as it complies with the license agreement.

Its fine to use for your own purposes and can be distributed in an app if it supports functionality you have written (any other questions about this read the license which is contained in the sdk.

I know you can plot your position on the internet using google maps but am unsure as to whether you could down load pars of maps, probably not but its worth a look.

Re: Smart Devices General GPS development

Stephen Hauck

Location plotting on a device is a very crowded space already and it costs a LOT of money to get into the data side of things.

I would think twice about doing anything on WindowsMobile with GPS other than data logging or something because the good map engines and data a HUGELY expensive and I have yet to see a decent SDK for mapping on PPC either by MS or a third party.