That is unfortunate, since the software (799.00) cost more than the hardware I am looking to develop on and for. I thought I'd be able to teach my self something new (besides coding C in Linux). I am not looking to drop $800.00 to play with some code and write a few play applications for myself.

Sigh, Micro$oft.

Re: .NET Compact Framework WM5.0 sdk not supported by Visual studio Express.

Ilya Tumanov

You can go with VS 2005 SE which has full device support with street price of about $200.

You can also compile from command line with free SDK C no WM 5.0 specific libraries would be available but application would run fine.

If youre into C++ development you can use free eVC4. There will be no WM 5.0 specific headers but its not a brainer to declare whatever you need based on MSDN information.