Hi All!

I am trying to run my PocketPC program using the .NET debugger.

The deployment fails complaining about not enough space to hold the deployment. I noticed that it was copying over and to my device. I do NOT make any connection to any datasource nor do I have any reference to a datasource.

I have written projects using Oracle but I can find no reason or refernce to Oracle in my project.

Also Enterprise.Services and System.Transactions are copied over.

Why does it copy these files ocer and how can I get it to stop doing so

It also copies over system.web which is quite large.

Regards to all


Re: Smart Devices General Debugging Pocket PC Deployment

Ilya Tumanov

Your problem is much deeper than just running out of space. You see, you can't use desktop assemblies in NETCF project even if you do have enough space.

You should remove references to all desktop DLL including Oracle provider which I presume you¡¯re after as it's for desktop only and find another way to connect to your Oracle database.

E.g. find 3rd party NETCF compatible Oracle provider or use Web Service as a proxy.